Laugh Until It Hurts

Bernard Bolan is one of Australia's leading singer-songwriters. Through a chance encounter, he will be performing live in Healesville.

Promotor, Mary Souness, who runs an International performing arts touring company, was delighted when she stumbled across the fact that Bernard was travelling to Melbourne via Albury.
"It was an opportunity too tempting to ignore," Mary said. "He has such a funny style of delivering his already funny songs. He annunciates very clearly and quickly with a side splitting wit."

Bernard Bolan has the capacity to make you laugh a lot. His wry, thoughtful and often hilarious words have entertained audiences across Australia for many years.

His songs reflect with great humour, and sometimes some pathos, life in the city. The topics within the songs range from treacherous and impersonal rides in city lifts, buses, trams and ferries, cats that unexpectedly jump into fires and suffer long consequences, love ffairs with dogs and travelling escapades in Peru.

The Healesville performance will be recorded live for possible inclusion on his next CD.

"My only criticism of Bernard's performance is that he doesn't give you enough time to recover from one bout of laughter before you launch into the next," Mary said.